SMS-12 Stepper Motor Stage
    SMS-12 Stepper Motor Stage
    The SMS12 Linear Stepper Motor Stage shown above is a ultra compact stage that provides up to 12 millimeters of linear motion.  This stage offers near sub-micron resolution with the ability to accelerate a small load at 2G's.  A non-contact home sensor provides a reference position with repeatability of a couple microns.  It was specifically developed for optical applications requiring both high precision and modest-speed positioning over a short to medium stroke.  The SMS12 is well suited for optical focusing and other micropositioning applications such as scanning interferometry, surface structure analysis, disk drive testing, autofocus systems, confocal microscopy, bio-technology, semiconductor test equipment.


    The SMS12 can be ordered with an optional stepper motor controller that is nearly the same size a the SMS12 itself.  Only raw power and a simple RS232/RS485 communications line is needed to completely control this high-resolution stage.

  • SMS-12 Stepper Motor Stage
    SMS12 Stepper Motor Stage