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  • Product Name

    Supply Voltage

    Current (Amps)
    Interfaces  Notes
     SCA814_MR.jpg SCA814 Servo Amp  1 ±15  8.0  RS232 / Analog
    • Digital Pots: PID, Slew, Feedback Gain & Offset
    • 16bit Command DAC
    • Trajectory Profile Memory
    • Fully integrated heat sink 
     SCA615 Servo Controlled Amplifier SCA615 Servo Amp  1  +5 1.0  USB 2.0 / Analog
    • Digital Pots: PD
    • 16bit Command DAC
    • 16bit Position ADC
    • Trajectory Profile Memory
    • Very Small ( ~1in2 )
     SCA673 Dual Axis Servo Controlled Amplifier SCA673 Servo Amp  2  ±15  8.0  RS232 / Analog / XY2-100
    • Digital Pots PID, Notch
    • 16bit Command DAC



    In most cases one of the above servo amplifiers will be a good match for the capabilities of any of the Equipment Solutions linear or rotary stages.  After reviewing the above if you are still unsure which product might be the best fit for your application please do not hestiate to cnotact us by phone or email. We would be happy to help guide you to the best solution and if one does not exist we can discuss the possibility of a custom solution.