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    The AC424 Digital Autocollimator is a compact high performance two-axis non-contact digital angular displacement sensor. The AC400 series of Digital Autocollimators offers an unparalleled level of performance at a price that makes it an exceptional value.

    Setup Convenience: The AC424 emits a bright red laser beam for measurement.  The ability to physically see that beam makes it especially easy to setup the AC424 when compared to other collimators who have a nearly invisiable and large diameter measurement beam

    Size: The AC424 is smallest digital autocollimator on the market today.  All other digital autocollimators separate the measurement head from all other electronics.  That is not the case with the AC424 which includes everything in one small compact unit.

    Speed:  The AC424 can acquire and report both Pitch and Yaw data at a blazing update rate of 1000 samples per second.  Each Pitch and Yaw sample is processed with the help of a high-speed microprocessor and 16-bit analog to digital converter. A high speed RS-232 Serial Interface is provided for communication.

    Sensitivity: The AC424 includes a large solid state analog Position Sensing Detector or PSD for monitoring the Pitch and Yaw position.  A proprietary high sensitivity, low noise signal amplifier is closely coupled to the digital acquisition hardware to insure maximum signal integrity.

    Software: The AC424 includes a Windows based PC application that makes setup and calibration a snap. It also offers a convenient was to directly collect and store data for later analysis as well as a very visual and easy to understand graphical interface.  AC424 firmware commands are also well documentated so that you can write your own LabView or MatLab applications.

    Savings: The AC424 will cost you less than any other comparable digital autocollimator on the market today. Many other manufactures charge seperately for the measurement head and the controller electronics and when that is totalled the cost is significantly higher than theAC424.

    The AC424 Digital Autocollimator is a high performance 2-axis non-contact digital angular displacement sensors. This new series of digital autocollimators replace the field proven AC416 autocollimators previously offered. Like the AC416 this new generation of autocollimators were specifically developed for companies that produce instrumentation or tooling requiring high precision alignment. The autocollimator also provides a means to inspect and characterize material and components. The package is comprised of a sensor module and with integrated electronics for direct readout from a PC or handheld unit. One of the very unique and useful characteristics of the AC400 Series Autocollimators is the very small beam size. The typical 3mm beam diameter means that the reflecting sample surface needs to be only slightly larger.
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  • AC424 Digital Autocollimator Interface Drawing
  • pdfAC424Digital Autocollimator Data Sheet provides a brief presentation of the products features and specifications.

    pdfAC400 Digital Autocollimator Operations Manual provides extensive interfacing, configuration, operation and maintenance information.

    msi AC400 Digital Autocollimator Software Application for Microsoft based computers.  This application provides a basic demonstration of the products capabilities.

    zipAC424 Digital Autocollimator Interface Drawing presents the mechanical details necessary for integration of the product .



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  • What is the communication speed for the AC424?

    The AC424 Digital Autocollimator is configured by default to operate at 115,200 baud, 8 bits, No Parity and 1 Stop Bit and No handshaking.  Operating under these conditions, the AC424 can typically send a complete ASCII based Pitch and Yaw message at a rate in excess of 500Hz.

    How does the AC424 respond to multiple reflections?

    The AC424 Digital Autocollimator can not discriminate multiple return beams.  If multiple beams are returned, as is the case when the beam encounters multiple surfaces, all beams will be summed together and the average reported.,

    Does the AC424 require routine calibration?

    Under most circumstances the AC424 Digital Autocollimator does not need to be routinely calibrated.  In special cases where the measurement relies on linearity or accuracy a calibration will be required.
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