• AC201 Digital Autocollimator
  • AC424 Digital Autocollimator
  • AC421 Digital Autocollimator
  • Ac453 Digital Autocollimator

  • The Equipment Solutions family of digital autocollimators have many unique and important features that make many difficult or even impossible angular measurement tasks not only possible but easy.

    Integrated Control Electronics All Equipment Solutions Digital Autocollimators include both a high resolution Analog to Digital Converter and high-speed Digital Signal Processor. This high level of integration produces a system that is not only exceptionally compact but also much more immune to noise.
    Very Small Beam Diameter: Tradition Autocollimators emit a collimated light beam that has a very large diameter. Equipment Solutions Autocollimators have a beam diameter that is typically less than a few millimeters.  This means that the reflecting mirror can be proportionally smaller  .
    Visible Red Light Beam: With the exception of the AC201, all digital autocollimators use a visible red laser as their measurement beam.  This visible red beam makes aligning and setting up the collimator  much easier than most  collimators that emit a very dim and all but invisible beam of white light.
    Direct Computer Interface: All Equipment Solutions Digital Autocollimators are equipped with either a high-speed RS-232 or USB communications interface.  This interface provides a convenient means for the user to configure and collect data.
    Simplified User Command Set: The Digital Autocollimators microprocessoris programmed to respond to simple ASCII based commands.  As an example, when the user sends a capital 'A' the microprocessor will respond by sampling and reporting the two angles in a clearly understanable text format.
    High Data Acquisition Speed: The Digital Autocollimator communicatios hardware was selected and designed to promote the highest level of data transfer resonably possible.  In the case of the models using a RS-232 communications channel that means data can be downloaded at nearly a 1kHz rate.  An onboard memory allows collection rates much higher than this.
  • Equipment Solutions produces a broad range of Digital Autocollimators. Below is a table that compares the basic specifications of those models.


     Mech. Angle
    arcmin / mrad
    Max Range
    cm / in
    arsec / urad
     AC201 Digital Autocollimator AC201  ±172 / ±50  5 / 2 0.2 / 1 840  USB
    AC421 Digital Autocollimator AC421   ±34 / ±10  200 / 79 0.1 / 0.5  670  RS232
     AC424 Digital Autocollimator AC424 ±103 / ±30 28 / 11 2 / 10  670  RS232
     AC453 Digital Autocollimator AC453 ±40 / ±11.5  210 / 84  3.6 / 18  670  RS232