• Equipment Solutions offers two broad classes of optical scanners including galvanometers and resonant scanners.  Both of these devices provide rotation through a limited range of rotation.


  • Equipment Solutions provides two basic types of optical scanners as differentiated by their motion behavior.

    The Point-to-Point type of Optical Scanner allows its mirror to be commanded to any fixed position within its angular range of control and it will remain there until commanded otherwise with very high stability.

    The  Resonant Scanner type of Optical Scanner can only oscillate its mirror at some factory set frequecy but with controlability of its amplitude.

    The Point-to-Point type of motor can emulate the Resonant Scanner behavior through a small range of frequencies and amplitudes and at a much higher electrical input power.  The converse is situation is not practically possible.


     Product Operational Mode

    Angular Range

     RVC-5 Rotational Voice Coil Stage RVC-5 Point-to-Point ±2.5° The RVC-5 Rotational Voice Coil Stage has been specifically designed to accomodate small mirrors, filters and other gratings, small lenses and other optics.
     rs-25-resonant_scanner_horizontal_connector_2.jpg Point-to-Point  ±45°
    • Mirror size less than 25mm
    • Mirror positioning repeatability <±50urad
     rs-25-resonant_scanner_horizontal_connector_2.jpg RS-25 Resonant Scanner  ±45°
    • Mirror size less than 25mm
    • Fixed frequency 50 - 550 Hz
    • Designed for infinite life