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  • The VCS-1010 Voice Coil Linear Stage is a high performance compact positioning actuator. It was specifically developed for applications requiring both high precision and high-speed positioning over a short to medium stroke. This product mates the voice coil motor to a very smooth cross-roller bearing stage and a very high resolution position feedback sensor.  The VCS-1010 is well suited for optical focusing and other micro-positioning applications in markets such as semiconductor, medical, optical testing, scanning microscopy, circuit board assembly and micro manufacturing.  The VCS-10 Voice Coil Stage can optionally be configured with a 10 millimeter clear aperture through its center, which is then designated a VCS-1010.

    Voice Coil Motor: The motor used in the VCS-1010 Voice Coil stage was custom designed and optimized using advanced computer modeling.  The magnets used in Equipment Solutions motors have some of the highest magnetic flux densities available. Its coil characteristics including the resistance and inductance were closely designed to match the capabilities of the SCA814 Servo Controlled Amplifier.  Every bit of the amplifiers available voltage and current can be used to drive the stage to unparalleled accelerations and peak velocities. 

    Stage Guidance: The VCS-xx10 Voice Coil Stage makes use of a crossed-roller bearing to smoothly guide the motor coil and any additional load, up to 20 kg, across its 10 millimeters of travel. Bearing stages like the VCS-xx10 provide moderate to high levels of performance at a somewhat lower price point than stages using our flexure guidance technology. Bearings like those used in the VCS-xx10 are subject to potential accelerated failures when motions include very high accelerations and/or very small repetative motions. If this is a concern than a stage using a flexure guidance system should be considered. A more complete discussion and comparison of flexures and bearings is presented in the Linear Stages Highlights section of this web site.

    Position Feedback: In its standard configuration the VCS-xx10 uses a non-contact analog position sensor that makes it directly compatible with the SCA814 Servo Controlled Amplifier.  The 200 nanometer positioning repeatability described in the specifications section assumes this sensor technology. The analog nature of the position sensor promotes the exceptionally high positioning repeatability. Its high bandwidth  For compatibility with digital servo systems the VCS-xx10 can be optionally configured with a 1 micron digital quadrature encoder. 
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  • pdfVCS-1010 Voice Coil Stage Brochure
    Provides a brief presentation of the products features and specifications.

    pdfVoice Coil Stage Interfacing and User Manual
    Describes the products electrical interfaces.

    zipVCS-1010 Voice Coil Stage Interface Drawings
    Presents the mechanical details necessary for successful integration of the product.


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  • Can the VCS-10 be operated in any orientation?

    YES. From the perspective of the stage it does not matter what orientation it is opereated in.  If in near vertical orientation it will take some additional amount of contant current to keep the motor stage including the coil and additional load leviated.  This constant current will translate into heat which consequently will dictate the peak performance possible.

    Is the VCS-10 vacuum compatible?

    NO, but with some modest adjustments in the manufacturing process including materials selection the VCS-10 can accomodate moderate vaccum levels.  Please contact an Equipment Solutions sales representative to discuss this possibility.

    How accurate is the VCS-10 stage positioning?

    1% of full scale or 100 microns without calibration over the full 10 millimeters of travel.  The inaccuracy, or accuracy error, is highly correlated to stage position.  An error map can be developed to compensate fairly easily.  It is also valuable to understand that the accuracy error changes smoothly and relatively slowly over the range of motion.
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