RS-25 Resonant Scanner Highlights

  • The RS-9025 Resonant Scanner provides a highly efficient means to scan or sweep a laser beam or other optical source. Operating much like a tuning fork or other spring-mass system the mirror can be factory set to oscillate at a fixed rate between 20Hz and 550Hz. In many cases the mirror can sweep through a total of 45 degrees mechanical at the specified frequency.  The RS-9025 Resonant Scanner can accommodate a mirror diameter of up to 25mm.

    The RS-9025 Resonant Scanner includes a very high-resolution postion sensor. This non-contact elctro-optic sensor provides a means to directly monitor the angular position of the mirror with micro-radian scale resolution and repeatability.   The sensor naturally produces an analog signal proportional to position and is noise limited.

    All electronics necessary to control and drive the RS-9025 Resonant Scanner are fully integrated.  There are two connectors that are accessable from the side of the unit.  One is a mini USB connector that supports high speed USB communications.  The RS-9025 Resonant Scanner can be powered directly from the USB power source.
  • RS-9025 Resonant Scanner Specifications
  • RS-9025 Resonant Scanner Q Factor
  • RS-9025 Resonant Scanner Sensor Nonlinearity
  • RS-9025 Resonant Scanner Interface Drawing
  • pdfRS-9025 Resonant Scanner Data Sheet provides a brief presentation of the products features and specifications.

    zipRS-9025 Resonant Scanner Interface Drawings presents the mechanical details necessary for successful integration of the product.

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  • RS-9025 Rotational Voice Coil StageRS-9025 Rotational Voice Coil Stage RS-9025 Bottom, Servo Controlled Amplifier ViewRS-9025 Bottom, Servo Controlled Amplifier View