Equipment Solutions, Inc.Equipment Solutions Sunnyvale California Headquarters Innovating and Improving the Art of High-performance limited stroke motion systems

  • Founded in 1990 Equipment Solutions
  • Design and manufacturing of high-perfomrance linear and rotary short stroke motion systems
  • Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, USA

Founded in 1990, Equipment Solutions has established itself as a leading authority in the field of voice coil motion control. Recognizing that exceptional performance can only be achieved through a system level approach ESI also has extensive servo electronics expertise. This combination has propelled Equipment Solutions into market dominance where we have remained a leading manufacturer of linear and rotary voice coil actuators. We have put thousands of Equipment Solutions motors and actuators into products in markets ranging from applications where our actuators delicatly guide a laser beam over an eye as part of a vision enhancement procedure to miltary hardware that is battlefield certified and everything in between.

With a time-to-market as short as four weeks, Equipment Solutions has maintained innovative, high quality products and holds numerous patents . At Equipment Solutions, we never lose sight of the value of listening very carefully to client input, nurturing a cooperative working relationship, understanding the big picture but never losing sight of the small details that describe it, and perhaps most importantly following through with after delivery support.  Equipment Solutions also has established a deep and long lasting relationship with its supplier chain.  With that commitment ESI can call upon those resources and count on their responsiveness and quality at any time.

Optimizing Motion Control Design

At Equipment Solutions, we integrate our expertise with customer requirements in motion control devices. Drawing from its unique understanding of the engineering behind flexure based guidance systems Equipment Solutions has produced products such as the LFA-2010 Linear Focus Acutator ; which was the basis of many customer driven follow on products and the RS-25 Resonant Scanner that provides unparalleled performance. With a philosophical penchant to drive a design to its most basic and simple form Equipment Solutions products are not just cost effective but highly reliable as well. We remain deeply committed to solving applications like yours through a cafeful and complete understanding of the motion requirements and how it might interact with other subsystems within the overall system.

Answering Customer Demands

Equipment Solutions is dedicated to taking technology to the limit. We challenge ourselves to create innovative ways to meet new application needs. Equipment Solutions has developed voice coil motors push the performance envelope, ideal for many applications requiring high accelerations with exceptionally fine positioning repeatability over a limited range of motion.

Our Products

Equipment Solutions voice coil actuators are engineered to fit high performance motion control needs. The hysteresis-free, cog-free operation and high acceleration rate make voice coils ideal for limited stroke requirements. Voice Coil Actuators are available in both Linear and Rotary versions. Linear versions offer strokes up to 2” and forces up to 10 Lbs. Rotary versions are available with up to 90 degrees optical of total excursion angle and a maximum torque of 100 oz-in. After reviewing our product; if you don't find exactly what you need, please contact us so that we can discuss how we might be able to make exactly what you do need. 
LFA-2010 Linear Focus Actuator

Linear Voice Coil Actuators

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Rotary Voice Coil Actuators


Servo and Sensor Electronics

AC201 front coin 4.375x4

Digital Autocollimators